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Our Most Innovative PBX Yet for only R149 p/m.

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We're a client centric organisation and place our clients at the centre of everything we do. We continuously innovate to bring you solutions that will enhance your business and will continue to do so for years to come...

Feature rich PBX

Every Virtual Landline comes standard with a state-of-the-art PBX system a variety of great features.
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Fibre, ADSL or LTE

Don't have Fibre in your area as yet? No problem. Our connectivity solutions has you covered.
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SME to Enterprise

Whether you're a new small business or a multi-national enterprise, we've got you covered.
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We're a client-centric organisation, passionate about our clients and are here to help when you need assistance.
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Need a Landline? We’ve got you covered.

With our Voice Service we’ve got you covered with a robust voice service which includes a free Virtual PBX and outstanding Call Rates.

Say Hello to VUC

Our Next Generation Phone System & Hosted PBX
VUC is our next generation phone system and is hosted in the Cloud which means you don't need to purchase any expensive hardware or wait for timely installations.

  • Audio and video calls directly from your Dashboard or link to our Mobile Applications or Handsets.
  • No need to install any hardware.
  • Direct access to your company directory from the portal.
  • Chats and Channels (Topics).
  • Audio & Video Conference Calls
  • Multimedia and document sharing.
  • Configure your Voice Menus (IVR), Call Groups, Voicemails and more all from your Dashboard.
  • Get a FREE Virtual Landline Number with Every Account.
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All The Features

Take Calls Anywhere

With Virtual Landlines you can set up your landline to ring in the office or when you’re out and about, take landline calls on your mobile.

Voicemail to Email

Voicemails are sent to any email address you specify automatically so you can get back to your clients faster.

Multi Ring

Never miss a call and create rules for your virtual landline to ring to multiple mobiles either at once or when ‘busy’ or ‘no answer’

Interactive Voice Menu

Set up your voice menu and direct callers to different numbers based on their selection. (Press 1 for sales and 2 for support etc.)

Professional Greetings

Create greetings by recording online, uploading greetings or by using our text-to-speech feature.

Mobile Calls

Take landline calls on your mobile anywhere. If you’ve got signal on your cell you’ve got signal on your landline.

No Hardware

Our solution is cloud based so you don’t have to invest in expensive hardware to get a professional phone system.

Video Calls

Make and Receive Video calls from the VUC Dashboard or our Rich Application Suite.

Conference Calls

Use your Virtual Number as a Audio or Video Conference Call facility. Secure your Conference Calls with a PIN Code before joining the call.

Multiple Branches

Have more than one branch or location? Connect all your branches world-wide to a single phone system

Time Routing

Setup Time Routing and route calls differently based on the day and time of the call.

User Extensions

Every member of your business can be easily contacted using their extension number.

Numbers Globally

We have numbers available globally. Choose your virtual number from 65+ countries world-wide.

Unlimited Call Recording

Decide to record calls and listen to recorded calls or download them to listen to them later.

Superb Voice Quality

Whether you make use of VoIP to receive and make calls or forwarding to your normal cellular phone, you can always expect great voice quality!

Shared & Private Contacts

Add contacts and decide to share them with the company or keep them private.

Unlimited Incoming Calls

Use our mobile applications or Dashboard and enjoy unlimited incoming calls and call forwarding at no additional cost.

Company Directory

Access the Company Employee Directory from your Virtual Landlines Dashboard.

Online Meetings

Chat, Voice and Video Meetings. Simply share your link.

Chat & Messages

Quickly share: Documents. Location. Voice notes. Video Recordings, Images, . Contacts.

“77% of customers are more likely to contact a business that has a landline advertised. It creates a sense of permanency.”

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Tired of slow loading speeds? Get Fibre.

We have partnered with multiple providers to make sure we can offer Fibre to more areas around SA.

Go all out with our Premium Uncapped Fibre. This service is custom built for the power user to allow unlimited streaming, gaming and browser downloads.

Need ADSL? Look No Further.

Whether you’re looking for Capped ADSL with a fixed amount of data every month or an (Unshaped) Uncapped ADSL solution, we’ve got the package for you.

All our ADSL packages are premium which means you have less chance of being throttled and experience the best download and upload speeds.

Our Capped ADSL packages come with a Whopping 3 Month ADSL Data Rollover and No Contracts (Month-to-Month).

ADSL Packages