No Fixed LTE Coverage?

Choose Mobile Data powered by the MTN Network.

3 Month Rollover

Unlike other service providers, Virtual Landline Data rolls over for 3 months.

Data only (3G/LTE) SIM

From Standard to Nano, no matter which SIM card your device needs, we’ve got you covered.

No Surprise Bills

Out of Bundle data rates don’t apply. Just Top-Up your service when you run out.

Choose Your Mobile Data Package

Select the package that will best suite your business.
With our 3 month data rollover you’ll keep your unused data for 3 months.

Mobile Data Hardware



Entry Level

30 Mbps download speeds

Connect 32 Wi-Fi Devices

R1999 incl VAT.
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50 Mbps Download speeds

Connect 64 Wi-Fi Devices

R2499 incl VAT.
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Virtual Landlines Mobile is powered by MTN’s powerful network that has widespread SA coverage.
We provide SIM cards in standard, micro and nano. Please ensure that you select the correct size when you place your order.
Yes, simply enter the MTN number when placing your order.
There is a once-off charge of R99.00 for SIM card deliveries. If done outside a major City Centre additional charges may apply.
You can view your data usage on our ClientZone. We will also send you a complimentary SMS once you have reached 50{6ccbb1a2652274ddebb2e34287c608b14217c771fb5b43fc8f842416d7a68e8d}, 80{6ccbb1a2652274ddebb2e34287c608b14217c771fb5b43fc8f842416d7a68e8d} and 100{6ccbb1a2652274ddebb2e34287c608b14217c771fb5b43fc8f842416d7a68e8d} of your data allocation.