Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You can either upload your pre-recorded greeting as an mp3 or you can record the greeting once logged into your account.
Absolutely NOT! You may decide to cancel your service at any time.
We accept the following payment methods:

PayPal – Your monthly subscription will be deducted via Credit Card.

Debit Order (South Africa only) – Your monthly subscription will be deducted via Debit Order. Click here to download our Debit Order Mandate.

Our banking details for EFT are:

Bank: FNB
Account: 62633641073
Branch: 250655
Reference: Your Username

We have local landline numbers available in more than 65+ countries world-wide. Click here to view all available numbers.
Please note: You need a valid proof of address in the geographical region for the number you are purchasing.
Absolutely fantastic! Incoming calls are not streamed over the net – we forward calls. The voice clarity would be as if you were calling someone from your own personal telephone.
Yes Absolutely! You can make outgoing calls from your landline number via the mobile applications or by using any VoIP Handsets.
No, if you have signal on your mobile (Normal GSM Signal – Not Mobile Data Signal) you will receive calls from your landline.
You do not need a landline to receive landline calls on your mobile. We simply forward the landline calls to your existing mobile number.
Once you have logged into your account you can add a voice menu to your account. You can then either record or upload a greeting and set your extensions to multiple mobile or landline numbers in your organisation. (E.g. Press 1 for Sales and 2 for support).
You can login to your account and view your call history at any time by clicking on the history tab under your dashboard.
We only use VOIP for incoming calls via the mobile applications. All other incoming calls will be forwarded to your mobile on the normal GSM Network.
Our devices and mobile applications do require an active internet connection to make and receive calls.
Absolutely, you can sign up for as many numbers as you want.
No. You can use any type of phone including your landline.
Absolutely not. Your calls will be forwarded to your existing SIM card.
Should this occur we’ll send you an automated notification of the payment failure. Your account will then enter a suspended state until such a time as the payment is successful. The email contains instructions on how to re-activate your number.
Via the Mobile Applications:


What You Pay: Free (Nothing).
What The Caller Pays: Normal Landline Call Rates (Charged by their network provider).


Via the Mobile Network:


What You Pay: Per Minute Call Rates from your Virtual Landlines Prepaid Balance.
What The Caller Pays: Normal Landline Call Rates (Charged by their network provider).


Absolutely. We have a range of handsets available to choose from.

“77{6ccbb1a2652274ddebb2e34287c608b14217c771fb5b43fc8f842416d7a68e8d} of customers are more likely to contact a business that has a landline advertised. It creates a sense of permanency.”